BCG’s Renovation Team is committed to deliver homes that enhance the quality of life. The vast knowledge and skill-sets of each team member bring incredible values in meeting the unique requirements of each individual design. In every project, our team of experts work towards creating functional space that provides comfort.

We take pride in serving clients by delivering projects on-time and on budget. From reviewing design plans, setting schedule, to determining a budget that best fits your needs, our project management team will guide you through the process for a worry-free start and completion.

This is the result of a well-thought-out project management tactic that we have implemented for many years. We send in different technical teams to the jobsite on-rotation so that the project keeps running 6 days a week, 10 hours days. Such practice allows us to achieve above-average turnaround time in our construction projects - 40% faster than industry rate.

We are proud of what we do, and we too want you to proudly call the finished space, “Home”.

Bayview Construction Group is a one-stop-shop for your dream home. Since Day 1, we have lived by our commitments for:


We safeguard the health and safety for our employees and practice in everything we do. We strive to implant safe and healthy behaviors in policies, procedures and processes, making this part of our culture. At each project, on-site personnel are insured with full WSIB coverage as we believe that safety is fundamental for every successful project.


With over 10 years of solid experience servicing families in Ontario, we specialize in new builds and small to large scale renovation projects for luxury homes and town house. For years, homeowners have counted on our craftsmanship to bring their dream home to life. We are highly selective with the brands we work with and the materials we use.


We adopt a dynamic scheduling model in which allows the project to run 6 days a week. Each worker comes into the jobsite with specific tasks assigned and works towards a meaningful milestone that brings the project one step closer to completion. As such, BCG’s completion time is 40% faster than industry average, given the same project scale. For progress tracking and quality assurance, our Project Manager will be on-site everyday throughout the construction.


Our team of professionals work hand in hand with you to build the home of your dreams. From Consultant, Project Manager to Crew, each of them is a subject matter expert to ensure smooth work in all aspects. We listen closely to your needs while providing realistic consultation and solution that best suits you. You will also have full visibility to costs and progress updates.

Warranty Program

Our pursuit for excellence goes above and beyond because we are not only building homes but also lasting values. Giving you a peace of mind, our work comes a one-year warranty program. We only close the project when you are happy with it.